Company Profile

At Express Cargo, we know that without our employees we mean absolutely nothing!

Our employees are passionate, committed and understand and live logistics excellence. In return, we recognize their efforts, empower them to be freight forwarding masters and encourage a culture of collaboration.

Our staff of professionals has been handpicked for being the best in the industry. They bring decades of experience to the table that helps in strengthening not only us but our client’s business as well. This allows us to better serve our customers as we give them efficient services.

Our people are empowered with unwavering dedication to strengthen your organization. Our work ethics and excellent communication skills ensure that we do a highly effective job for all businesses requiring our expertise.

Health & Safety

In order to be a part of the global cargo and courier service, it is essential to ensure that our environment, safety and health standards meet the international regulatory standards. We are certified with the best global standards .

We have trained our staff to maintain the latest practices in quality management and support health, safety and environmental initiatives.

At Express Cargo, we regularly review the health and safety policies of the company to ensure the best welfare of all our employees and others who happen to be on the company’s premises.

Future With Us

The right attitude with bold thinking is what drives our business, keeping us ahead of the competition. At Express Cargo, we are always looking towards the horizon for new possibilities and growth. Come join us as we take this journey together!

Board of Directors

Adil Razzaque CEO
Asif Bharki Managing Partner